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I would like to share with you a consideration.

Two technological areas, apparently independent of each others, are preparing to join together to create an interesting synergy.

On one hand there is the energy sector with concepts such as efficiency, performance, zero emissions, etc., in the other hand there is the telecommunication sector with the Web, Internet, social networks, cloud data and the Internet of Things.

What can be the possible relationship between these two technologies?

The energy consumption is the base of all human activities, except perhaps partially the intellectual exercise. Even if, a greater availability of energy is not automatically associated with prosperous society, it is absolutely true that a lack of energy, and consequently higher energy costs, is definitely an indication of backwardness and poverty.

A fast and widespread internet connection is also an important sign of prosperity. The free and unlimited access to information is an essential condition to ensure that all human activity, including especially the intellectual ones, may be reliable and honest.

Those two technological sectors are then extremely important for the future development of our society. What is the current situation in Europe?

Let's give a look to some charts that can help to focus the situation.

First let's look at the level of energy dependence expressed as a % of the total energy requirements:

Then it is interesting to compare with two other two charts that give us respectively the Risk of Poverty, expressed as % of population with incomes below 40% of the own country average income:


and the % of the population with an age between 25 and 64 having completed at least the upper secondary education.

To complete the picture, we add a chart that gives us the % of the population that has access at the web and that are using Internet:

Looking at these data, it is clear that the same European countries with a low level of education, show also an higher risk of poverty, a greater energy deficit and a low level of Web and Internet penetration.

Which Countries we are speaking about? Just look at the graphs: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are perhaps the best examples.Oops! What a coincidence! If we take the initials we obtain the notorious acronym PIGS!

Without any doubt these Countries, which are the most historical partners of the European Union, are unfortunately the least prepared for the next technological revolution...The Smart Grids.

Smart Grids is the magical formula for the energy future. It is the Internet of Things applied at the energy production and distribution. The energy is generated at the local level, mainly through renewable sources, then there are sensors for monitoring devices and buildings consumption and efficiency, and finally come the Web, that through the cloud of data, will manage this revolutionary new energy market.

The PIGS Countries, despite being disadvantaged in many ways, as we have already seen, are also the countries that have a greater extent of the more promising renewable source. The solar energy.

Will be able these countries, but also the whole Europe to meet the challenge and take the lead in this extraordinary revolution?


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