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Hi to every one.

Sestosenso started  5 years ago as a service company in the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) business. Recently, we begin to be involved in to the energy sector realizing its complementary nature and closeness with the WSN and in general with the telecommunication sector (Smart Grids). We are based in Spain but this is just a geographical reference, because we are well aware that the World is entering the so called Age of Networked Intelligence (Macrowikinomics, Rebooting Business and the World - Don Tappscott - 2010). We join the idea that thanks to Internet the way to run business is changing. Collaboration, openness and sharing at global level will become more and more key factors for successful companies. 

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I would like to share with you a consideration.

Two technological areas, apparently independent of each others, are preparing to join together to create an interesting synergy.

On one hand there is the energy sector with concepts such as efficiency, performance, zero emissions, etc., in the other hand there is the telecommunication sector with the Web, Internet, social networks, cloud data and the Internet of Things.

What can be the possible relationship between these two technologies?

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